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Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


Hi, welcome to our blog. This blog is sharing about a place that we experience at Sabah. And to share an info that useful and interesting about travel information at Sabah, Malaysia. We will share the Sabah’s holiday experiences and the unique cultures and natural landscapes. We also want to introduce the best tourism destination of Sabah Malaysian Borneo with photos and videos.

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Borneo is the best place must visit in our country. Have you ever heard about this state of Sabah Below the Wind.

     This blog describes many aspects that may come in handy while planning a trip to Sabah, Malaysia, it is the best ultimate travel guide to Sabah. You will find a wide range of tips and personal experiences about traveling to and within this beautiful holiday destination. The blog also provides information about transport and attractions. The many fabulous pictures and videos will give you a good impression of your coming visit to Sabah!

Sabah is one of the most pleasant holiday countries in the world. Many tourists who have visited this state will wholeheartedly agree. There are few tourist places where you can take part in so many different activities. It is a safe and well-organized state; this makes Sabah suitable as a holiday destination for each type of tourist (even for children). You can go backpacking, but you can also easily stay in a 5 star hotel or resort. You can visit multiple paradise-like islands during one holiday, or you can visit the old and authentic jungle. This can be done in the Peninsular Malaysia, but also on Borneo.


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