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Manukan Island

Manukan is one of the most developed islands in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park and second largest island. Within just 15 minutes by ferry from Jesselton Point, passengers will be standing on a 1.6-kilometre (1-mile) long white-sand beach with crystal clear water. Dense rainforest bursting with monkeys sits behind the coastline. Coral reefs and an abundance of marine life fill the sea. Manukan offers one of the best beaches in Borneo and is a world-class snorkelling destination.

Sutera Sanctuary Lodges have expensive beach and hill-side chalets here for rent, as well as a covered restaurant and a daily beach BBQ buffet spread. Other resort also have. 

Other facilities include a snorkelling equipment, rental hut, a small sundry shop, changing rooms, toilets and Scuba doo underwater scooters. Life guards are on duty on the main beach where there are also wooden tables and chairs for picnics.

The island can get quite crowded,especially during the holiday season, but makes for interesting people watching. Shallow water corals have all but been destroyed by stampeding holiday makers, but in deeper water and near the jetty area there are still vibrant fish life to be found.

For those interested in hiking, there is a 1.5km“jungle trek” paved walking path which starts from the base of the dock, and leads hikers through the forest to the opposite end of the island. From the end, you can either turn back or clamber down an unmarked path to the beach below. It is possible to walk along the south side of the island all the way back to the dock and the main beach if you don’t mind climbing over a lot of rocks. The accessibility may depend on the tides.

At Manukan Island also you can do activities like Walking Sea.

Others activities at Manukan Island….

Fish feeding…

Jet Skiing..

Banana Boat Ride..

Looking to stroll around on the shores of the island with the whole family? The banana boat rides are the perfect way to do it. These banana boats can hold up to 5-6 of your family members. All you go to do is straddle it like a horse and off you go.

One of the more popular activities for younger family members and a great laugh for the whole family. Especially when dad falls over board and needs help getting back on.

The banana boats are also one of the more affordable ways to enjoy some family time at Manukan Island.


Sport Fishing

If you love some fresh fish for dinner and enjoy catching that fish even more then a guided trip sports fishing is a must. The sports fishing tour guide will take you around the island to all of the top locations to catch your dinner or simply enjoy your time with rod and reel in hand.

Not the best fisherman alive? That is perfectly ok. They will teach you exactly how to sports fish and what to look for while fishing on the ocean. This is one of the top activities to do on the island that most men will praise and talk about when they return home.

Glass Bottom Boat Ride


There are many places around the world that you can go for a glass bottom boat ride but nothing will compare to the one you will experience at Manukan Island (this service if brought to you by Borneo Reef World, the location is closer to Sapi island, though).

Reason being is the boats are truly fully glass bottom. No need to share a peep hole to the ocean to see. Everyone will have ample viewing angles to see the beautiful coral, vibrant fish and other fun things the ocean has to offer when it comes to views. 
Plus, the tour guide on the glass bottom boat rides are lots of fun to be with.

The easterly winds tend to kick up to the perfect gust speed near the island to go windsurfing. Not many people dare to go windsurfing because haven’t the clue on how to do it nor do they have windsurfing gear.

Luckily on Manukan Island you can give it a try without having to invest all your money in the gear. Windsurfing will make you feel like your flying through the top of the water and make you feel weightless as the wind kicks up the speed a bit. Just hold on!

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