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Gaya Island

Gaya island: Borneo’s bio-diverse treasure house of jungle and marine life

Gaya Island is the largest island between the other islands and has a beautiful view. If you want to stay in the best and exciting resort, Gaya Island is the most preferred choice. 

Experience the Gaya Island

The beaches and accommodation make it a good alternative to old favorites. Here at the Gaya island resort, we are surrounded by water, including several excellent snorkeling spots, and in the soupy heat it makes

The resort is a 15-minute speed-boat trip from Kota Kinabalu, capital of Malaysia’s easternmost state of Sabah. In Kota Kinabalu there’s some great places to eat but it is essentially a regional port town.

 A clownfish is one of the many underwater creatures you’ll see when snorkeling. 

The resort is built high up in the jungle and the walk to the rooms is steep. When staff allocate rooms they make sure anyone born after 1950 is housed on the lower levels. 

The resort has many attractions to lure visitors out of their rooms, however, not the least of which is the amazing sea life. I’ve snorkeled in a variety of spots, from the Great Barrier Reef to remote islands off Sumatra, but have never seen such an embarrassment of underwater riches. The water is clear and thick with fish of incredible colour, variety and species. It’s like being in some CGI special effect – but it’s real.

Native to Borneo are the walking catfish – which can travel short distances on land, although you are more likely to see them in the rainforest areas in fresh, rather than salty, water.

One of the best snorkelling spots just off the front of the resort pier where all the boats pull up. You will see – among other things – a sea snake curled up in the coral garden (thankfully resting) and bright clownfish.

Snorkelling at Gaya Island

Coral Flyer Zipline

Coral Flyer Zipline is actually a cable or rope stretched between two points of different heights, which a person slides down for amusement by means of a suspended harness, pulley or handle. Coral Flyer Zipline Kota Kinabalu was being called with such name because you are participating in a Coral Flyer Zipline adventure above sea water with many corals down below. This is the one and only Coral Flyer zipline ride in Kota Kinabalu. It is not in the jungle (as usual, in another place) across tree canopy’s. Instead, you will ride a zipline across sea water, from one island to another! 
For more detail and packages for Coral Flyer Zipline can click this link.

Various activities can be done here including Coral Flyer Zipline activities. From Sapi to Gaya island

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